Stella Jobs – Candidate Experience

Build a full candidate experience in web app

(My role: Head of design)

About Stella

Stella is the first company to create a shared network of candidates dedicated to workers on the front line (retail, hospitality, restaurants, customer service, warehousing and logistics) from some of the largest employers in the USA. 


Product releases in 2020

I joined the Stella team in February, 2020.
During 2020, Stella’s product and engineering team delivered on building a full suite of experiences for job seekers and recruiters / employers.

Product & Engineering Team


  • 1 head of design (me)
  • 1 head of product 
  • 1 head of engineering 
  • 3 FE & 3 BE engineers

Funnel Snapshot – Candidate Mobile App

We created a user journey snapshot through the Stella candidate mobile app experience and find where the pain points are. 



  • There is a big drop from the email invitation to install the mobile app.

  • Current: We only have a native mobile app for iOS and Android.


  • We need better analytics for app drop off.

  • Once we have a better discovery funnel on web, we could test directing people there.

Measuring Success

  • Primary KPI – Increase numbers of users who got invited from email to apply the jobs on web.

User Survey and Research

Determine online usage of devices, sites, and apps


  • We looked at what device people were opening up their email on.
  • Sent the survey to registered Stella Jobs users –114 responses total


  • The two largest groups either trade off equally on mobile vs. computer or are mostly computer
  • A large portion of users were receiving email on a desktop

Candidate Web App User Flow (MVP)

To create the web experience in a rapid speed, we decided to release a limited experience at first.

The MVP UX experience was to navigate the user to install the mobile app to complete the job application. 

Candidate web MVP user flow

Wireframe and UX interactions


High Fidelity Prototype


Funnel Snapshot – post MVP conversion

We analyzed the conversion through the experience to find where the pain points are and which one was the high priorities.


  • User needs to install the mobile app to apply the job. A lot of drops at here.


  • We can improve the web job application by mimicking the mobile apply flow.

User Flow (Job application)

Match the data collections from the native mobile app and optimize the job application UX experience for the web application.

Wireframe and UI interactions

High Fidelity Prototype

Release Impact

  • The total monthly active users have significantly increased 
  • The total ratio of active / invited users have increased from 15% to 19%
  • Job application completion rate has increased from ~75% to 84%
  • Majority of the job application on web app has came from job alert emails (80%)