Vroom online appraisal tool redesign

Redesign the online appraisal tool as rebuilding the platform in a new stack.

Team: Product managers, Product designer (me), Developers

(My role: UX/UI design, QA)


  • Submitting car photos section has a high bounce rate.
  • Hard to get the right appraisal price within a short period.


  • Take the photo submission out.
    Get VIN to have accurate vehicle info.
  • Show the appraisal price automatically once the user submits it.


  • Increase the completion rate by shortening the process.

  • Increase the acquisition rate from appraisals submitted.

Research and discovery

Based on the existing data result, we did work sessions to define the MVP.
I created a UX flow to see the user journey and started to sketch out the experience.


Prototype and usability test

I made prototypes based on the user flows and sketches, and did a usability test to get the feedback.


Final design

Mobile high fidelity prototypes.


The launch outcome

Three times more submission volume than the old tool.

High engagement rate: After the first-page drop (41%), the rest of the page conversions are above 95%.

Double the number of accepting the appraisal price.