Allure new product

We came up with a new Allure mobile product that is focused on millenniums.
In the process, we went through the product experience concept, the user research, creating the persona, UX ecosystem and the flow, creating a mood board, making prototypes, and user testing. The product didn’t launch, but we worked and learned a lot about this new product development process.

Team: Product manager, Business analyst, UX designers, product designer (me), Developer 

(My role: UX/UI design, Art Direction)

Experience Principles


We defined the brand and created experience principles to set the new product direction.
We researched through competitors to make the brand position.

User Personas


To understand the users and user behaviors, we created the five types of user personas.

Ecosystem and User Journey


Working with UX designer, we created the ecosystem and the user journey to find out the product touch points.

Mood Board


Based on the brand essence words, I developed three mood boards to establish the original brand looks for the product.



I created a landing page, a product page, and a person’s page templates based on the MVP and did the initial user testing to get feedback about the overall experience.

Design iteration and usability testing


We iterated the prototype and did several user testings such as navigation and search feature to improve the product functions.