Editorial Recirculation Optimization

It is essential for the editorial product that people spend more time at their sites.
The recirculation tool such as “you may also like” list is an excellent way to let the user read more articles.
We revisited the recirculation tool to increase the site spending time.

Team: Product manager, Product designer (me), Data analyst, Developers

(My role: UX/UI design)

Goals and measures


  • Increase the amount of users to spend the time on sites
  • Increase the amount of content users consume on sites

Measure the Success

  • CTR on the recirculation module
  • Overall engagement by page view per session
  • Overall content consumption by page view per month
  • Bounce rate

Research and discovery


I worked closely with a data analyst and a product manager to select best practices from the network by the click rates data.

We also researched the top industry practices.

Hypothesis and prototype


Based on the researches, we made five suggestions. And I created the prototypes with variations that fit for different brand contexts.

AB testing



We selected one suggestion to do AB testing on teenvogue.com audience. We showed the bottom riser recirculation feature to 50% of the audience for 2 weeks.

Test outcome


The bottom riser increased CTR by +7% for desktop and +15% for mobile

3.6% of mobile visitors and 2.2% of desktop visitors clicked on the riser.

From these good test results, we applied it to other brand platforms.